Never Enough EP


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For 12 years deepArtSounds has provided the finest and timeless quality in musical delicacies crafted for authentic Deep House connoisseurs; in their highlighted curation of perfection, entry 028 is no exception- entitled „Never Enough“ – this VA EP represents all parts of the World with true renaissance artists of the deepest House; Side A welcomes you on a groovy ride past sunset shores and lush strings served with organic leaning vocal House magic from Africa courtesy of Benklawk & Mabutana – Next up, Dan Piu and Roger Versey return as passport to mix the elixirs of raw Chicago and New York House essence via dreamy Zurich to St.Louis navigation seasoned with deep lyrics and soulful keys for the sensual imagination. Rounding off the A side is Malta’s Owen Jay with a healthy and steamy late night House groover, expertly arranged for the mind or the clubs as it commands a classy nocturnal mood perfectly with its slick drums & silky stabs saturated in sexy dub. Tominori Hosoya of Japan beautifully opens up the B side in class vibes like a scene from the Pacific Ocean coastal tides with powerful snare layered kicks and therapeutic strings to provide quite the smooth ride ….Arriving in style from Spain is Manuel Costela with colorful vivacity merging deep House, modern funk, and late 70s/80s Mongo for a sure delight that will do colorful wonders when played early mornings or night. Concluding the EP is Portugal’s Deepbreath to take the journey further levels by way of introspective and melancholic atmospheres in cinematic fashion finely fusing deep, and techno in a captivating aura that doesn’t let go Surely that will always be the case for deepArtSounds; as Never Enough EP sets the right House moods for the night or day, and is the final chapter in a legacy that was never afraid to go deeper and let the records play….. „Never Enough“ hand pressed on vinyl with exclusive love for the deep frequencies in you; although we say goodbye, the deepArtSounds influence will only continue….


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